~Welcome to the rhythm of the night~
I am Tilly (Atilla) I am female ,English, and I live in Norfolk
favourite bands: onerepublic, bastille, owl city
favouret movie: jurassic park, 3 flavours cornetto trilogy
favouret tv shows: the walking dead agents of shield, sherlock, mlp fim sleepy holllow
favourite charaters (male): bruce banner (ruffalized edition) garrus vakarian, bilbo baggins, eren jaeger, bigby wolf
favouret charaters (female): sansa stark, lara croft, chell, princess luna
favourite animes: kyoukai no kanata, mirai nikki, soul eater attack on titan
favouret animals: jellyfish hummingbirds
favourite thing: marvel, both comics and movies

~Shenzi is the Tia to my Woona
(her blog: http://littlezombiedinosaurs.tumblr.com)

(Lilo in Lindsay's disney family :D